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Asclepia Medchem Solutions

Welcome to Asclepia MedChem Solutions

Asclepia MedChem Solutions offers medicinal chemistry-oriented research and services by designing and delivering state-of-the art, innovative, therapeutically relevant, drug-like compounds.

Asclepia MedChem Solutions has in depth expertise in the coordination of all aspects of drug discovery going from preliminary hits to clinical candidates.

Asclepia MedChem Solutions provides synthesis services for custom-made synthesis, the synthesis of reference compounds as well as labelled compounds (stable isotopes and PET tracers).

Asclepia MedChem Solutions has broad experience in patent support defining the best IP strategy as well as in writing patent applications.

Asclepia MedChem Solutions brings solid support in due diligence, competitive landscape analysis, grant applications and literature surveys.

The leadership has over 20 years of vast experience in medicinal chemistry, organic synthesis, pharmacology, preclinical development, IP protection, business development and leading full drug discovery programs, having brought four compounds to the clinic.


Asclepia MedChem Solutions offers medicinal chemistry consultancy as well as synthesis services, directing programs to clinical candidates and/or supplying companies with propriety compounds, PET tracers, labelled compounds, reference compounds etc.

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Asclepia MedChem Solutions has more than 20 years of experience leading MedChem projects which have resulted in four clinical candidates. Complex compounds have been delivered using the vast expertise present within the company in the field of synthetic chemistry.

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Medicinal chemistry

Over the years, Asclepia MedChem Solutions has acquired expertise in many projects covering diverse target classes applicable within different disease areas. Patent support, grant application support, competitive landscape analysis, literature surveys and due diligence support are part of the services offered by Asclepia MedChem Solutions.

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Synthetic chemistry

Asclepia MedChem Solutions offers custom made synthesis delivering new compounds, labelled compounds, reference compounds etc. in a most efficient and cost-effective manner.

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Asclepia MedChem Solutions is CIR (Crédit d’Impôt Recherche) accredited in France. Companies eligible for the Research Tax Credit scheme benefit from a credit of 30% for research expenditure up to €100 million and 5% above this threshold.

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Please contact us through the contact page or mail directly to or

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