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Asclepia Medchem Solutions

Synthetic chemistry

Small molecule synthesis

  • Custom made synthesis of new compounds (pharma, diagnostics, agrochemicals, veterinary health, etc.)

  • Designing the most efficient and cost-effective synthesis route

  • Milligram to multigram scale synthesis

  • Follow-up of the synthesis progression

  • Ensuring timely delivery of compounds

Labeled compounds

Asclepia MedChem Solutions has an in-depth experience in labeling compounds such as deuterated compounds. A deuterated drug is a small molecule in which one or more of the hydrogen atoms contained in the drug molecule have been replaced by its heavier stable isotope deuterium. Because of the kinetic isotope effect, deuterium-containing drugs may have significantly lower rates of metabolism, and hence a longer half-life. 

  • Design and synthesis of deuterated compounds to improve metabolic stability

  • Labeling of compounds for biodistribution studies (Deuterium, Tritium, 13C, etc…)

  • Design, synthesis, and evaluation of PET ligands such as 18F labeled compounds (primary project or secondary project accompanying a therapeutic compound)

Reference standards and research chemicals

  • Delivering hard to source reference and bench-mark compounds

  • Custom made synthesis of specific reference compounds